Quality Coaching. Lasting Change.

Who we are

W Coaching Group, founded in 2001, is one of the world’s first evidence-based coaching practices. Our business has a reputation for providing coaching and change programs that make measurable difference for both individuals and organisations.

What makes us different?

  • “Trifecta” qualified coaches meet regularly to peer review and supervise practice from multiple perspectives
  • Our work is strategic and systemic. We coach a critical number of people simultaneously to achieve changes in behaviour in line with how the organisation wants to be and what it wants to achieve
  • Our approach is dynamic. We assess and evaluate our work as we go, enabling constant adjustment to align with desired outcomes.
  • Quality project management and reporting back to our clients.
  • Our research is highly valued by people responsible for setting up coaching programs in organisations.
  • Our collaborative and reflective style underpins how we partner with clients.

Our coaches are highly qualified. They are experienced executive coaches with a Trifecta of skills. These include:

  • Business experience and qualifications
  • Coaching experience and qualifications
  • Capacity to facilitate change in individuals and organisations.