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Research Bulletin: Team and group coaching – NO. 19 Autumn 2016

Based on interviews with 40 team and group coaches we reveal how diverse are the approaches adopted by different practitioners and offer guidance to clients on how to match the right coach to the right assignment. We offer you a choice between reading: Full Research Bulletin (10 pages) Summary report (3 pages)

Research Bulletin: How to build a great leadership development program – No. 18 Winter 2015

We tracked the progress of 36 people attending a leadership development program, interviewing them 3, 6 and 12 months after the end of the course. Full Research Bulletin (6 pages)  

Research Bulletin: Testing best practice in delivering 360º feedback – No. 17 Summer 2015

In this study we tested a best practice model for the design and implementation of 360 feedback. Full Research Bulletin (7 pages)