Angela Wright


Angela has over 25 years global professional experience, including more than 10 years experience as a consultant, facilitator, researcher, coach, and coach supervisor. Her primary focus centers on Coaching, Leadership, Talent and Organizational Development. She works with individuals, teams and organizations to improve performance, enhance organizational effectiveness and to drive transformational change.



  • Individual, Group & Team Coaching
  • Leaders, HPO, Transition and Mediation
  • Coach Training, Development & Supervision
  • Leadership and capability building –
    Vertical Development
  • Designing & Facilitating Leadership
    Development Programs
  • Consulting on development of Coaching
    Cultures & Coaching Centres of Excellence
  • Positive Psychology Programs & Initiatives

Business Experience

  • Director, Coaching Center of Excellence,
  • Board Member & Vice President, ATD NYC
  • Co-Chair of Coaching Supervision, ATD
  • Senior Counsel, Ashurst
  • Senior Associate, Kings Wood
  • Senior Associate, HWL Ebsworth)