3 ways to increase the impact of G20

The agenda for the G20 is set! The summit brings a powerhouse of bright minds from diverse countries together to address global growth challenges in a meaningful way to improve our lives. The G20 Summit’s purpose is well intended but it supposes global leaders can and are ready to engage and collaborate in a way that allows them to maximize their ‘collective power’ to address a broad array of global economic issues.

3 Ways to increase the impact of G20 are listening deeply without bias, skillful dialogue and adopting a global mindset. Listening deeply without bias involves heightened consciousness and awareness of ones’ values and beliefs. It requires the ability to quieten internal voices and suspend judgments, comments and opinions before responding. Whilst many leaders listen, listening is often devoid of setting bias aside and is not deep listening. Skillful dialogue involves deep listening without bias; asking the right questions and making statements and arguments that generate a richer dialogue between parties.  Skillful dialogue is based on trust ahead of self-interest. Adopting a global mindset involves both listening deeply without bias and skillful dialogue, but most importantly it is a state of awareness, openness and acceptance to truly appreciate the diversity of thought and the diversity of others and their ideas.

To demonstrate the effectiveness of listening deeply without bias, skillful dialogue and adopting a global mindset, leaders behaviour and actions need to align. Cultivating deep listening without bias, engaging in skillful dialogue and adopting a global mindset are skills that are easily fine-tuned or learnt with practice and the support of a coach. WhyteCo provide quality coaching and lasting change.