Team and Group Coaching

Team Coaching

The purpose of team coaching is to review and improve the performance of the team, enabling members to work together more effectively in pursuit of a common purpose. The coach works closely with the team leader, team members, and the organisation sponsor to design a program that meets your purpose.

Team coaching empowers team members to understand how they contribute as individuals and how to work as a group to hold the team accountable. Team coaching builds trust, creates clarity, defines goals, leverages the strengths of the individual team members and improves performance. Team coaching is useful when the focus is on the team rather than the individual, the team has a shared purpose, the team could be working together more effectively and there is scope to improve resilience and collaboration.

Group Coaching

Group Coaching is for people who are not members of the same team but may work together at times. The purpose of group coaching is to leverage the collective capacity and experience of the group to benefit individuals and the organisation. The coach facilitates dialogue within and across the group, supporting the group to leverage the skills and experience in the group to help everyone make progress towards individual goals. The coach draws on a wide range of processes and techniques to enable individuals to learn from each other and develop skills they can confidently use outside the group.

The coach works closely with participants and the project sponsor to ensure desired outcomes benefit individuals and the organisation. Group coaching is useful in an organisation when change is occurring, for breaking down silos by helping people understand others’ needs and improving collaboration, building a coaching mindset across the organisation, increased self-insight and coaching large numbers of people cost effectively.